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Woodstock Elementary

Woodstock Elementary



Woodstock Elementary School students are encouraged to take a personal responsibility for their education and become life-long learners in order to become contributing members of society in our ever changing world.


  • Every child is entitled to a classroom and school environment that is safe and conducive to learning.

  • Education shapes students’ future and should be a shared responsibility among students,teachers, parents and the community.

  • Schools, which foster competence, cooperation and excellence, encourage students to develop a sense of pride by doing their best.

  • Opportunities for success, regardless of individual differences, are provided for all students through the use of assessments and a variety of innovative teaching methods.

  • Students who appreciate the diversity of others will be more tolerant citizens in the global economy.

  • A child’s motivation, confidence, academic and social success is developed in part by parents’ degree of interest and school involvement.

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